Valerio Serino


Valerio, an Italian young entrepreneur trained as a chef in Rome is the executive chef at IL Mattarello. Valerio has always been fascinated by food culture and the art of merging few, simple ingredients to make delicious dishes. His Italian roots drive him every day: the marine air he has been breathing, the warm and soft wind making everything smoother and the warmth of the sun that makes any food presented delicious… Growing up in such a context, his taste and sight became quite hard to please. Indeed, his never-ending research is on new ways to merge ingredients, because of their chemical relationship, colours and flavours, to make people satisfied and happier.

Lucia De Luca


Lucia, an Italian young designer educated in Rome and with a Master degree in Copenhagen, is the co-founder of the brand IL Mattarello, in charge of the concept design and communication. Lucia has always been charmed by food, perfumes and flavours, curious to taste new things. Fascinated by nature, seasonal changing patterns and colours, flowers and architecture, she likes to see details in daily life throughout macro and zoom in photos or shots.